Rosie O’Donnell says NRA is a ‘terrorist organization.’ Dana Loesch burns her argument down in one tweet.

Gun control advocates have been on a rampage to tear down any opponents in their way, even if that means burning their own credibility in spectacular fashion.

Former President Obama, for one, kicked off the week by spreading the false Everytown statistic that there have been ’18 mass shootings in 2018.’ Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy ramped up the hyperbolic rhetoric by labeling the National Rifle Association a “terrorist organization.”

“They act, quite frankly, in some cases as a terrorist organization,” Malloy said. “You want to make safer guns? We will boycott your company. That’s who they are. That’s what they do.”

The National Rifle Association has a membership of roughly 5 million law-abiding Americans (including the author), who want nothing more than to have their right to self defense, as well as the freedom to hunt game, respected by the U.S. government.

This has made them a target of gun control advocates, including Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, who had the audacity to say on Morning Joe on Wednesday that Republicans are “complicit” in mass murder if they don’t pass more gun control laws.

“Well, I mean, complicit is the word that I use. It makes Republicans complicit in this mass murder,” Murphy argued. “I mean, let’s be honest, these are copycat killers. It’s not a coincidence that every single troubled young man is using an AR-15. They are doing it, because they see the destruction, the lethality, the efficiency of the weapon, and use it again.”

“And when they see Congress do absolutely nothing,” Murphy continued, “I really do believe that this is an unintentional but quiet endorsement of this kind of mass murder.”

A quiet endorsement of mass murder. This is an elected Senator. Astonishing.

Not to be outdone, strident left-wing celebrity-of-sorts Rosie O’Donnell took it NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, who assuredly isn’t used to being called all sorts of nasty epithets by the activist left.

(Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

Loesch’s response sums up what many conservatives think about arguing with gun control activists after hearing all their baseless name-calling.

Her response comes amid the hate and vitriol she has received while standing up for gun rights.

Her pointed response to O’Donnell was accompanied by many others who took Rosie to task for her incendiary remarks.

And Rosie gave Costa an R-rated response in return:

(Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Thanks to Rosie’s baseless name-calling, again, echoing the language used by Democratic politicians, the debate degrades from there.

This is where we’ve gotten to in America, thanks to the vile name-calling being spouted by elected Democratic leaders.

Republicans are “complicit” in mass murder. The NRA is a “terrorist organization.” It goes on and on.

It behooves good, decent Americans to remember in November by electing honorable representatives, regardless of the party one subscribes to. Character matters.

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