New info reveals FBI’s Peter Strzok was alerted to possible breach in Hillary’s email and buried it

New information is prompting additional questions regarding the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Two sources told Fox News that FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was removed from the Robert Mueller probe for a series of anti-Trump text messages, was told about metadata irregularities suggesting a breach in Clinton’s server, but chose not to take action.

Hillary Clinton.(Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Geisinger Symposium).

According to the sources, Strzok was notified of the irregularities in 2016, as the Clinton investigation was winding down.

One source said “Nothing happened.” Strzok, described as being part of former FBI Director James Comey’s inner circle, did not seek a formal damage assessment of the potential breach, nor did he provide any follow-up.

Intelligence community directive 732 stipulates that damage assessments are to be done “in response to unauthorized disclosure or compromise of classified national intelligence.”

FBI agent Peter Strzok. (Photo: Screen Capture).

Information contained on Clinton’s server was above top secret–the highest security classification.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who is expected to soon reveal findings from a 14-month probe into the FBI and Justice Department’s handling of the Clinton case, is aware of these allegations against Strzok, Fox News reported.

Strzok played a significant role in editing Comey’s July 2016 statement recommending against charging Clinton for her use of a private email instead of a government during her time as Secretary of State.

Former FBI director James Comey. (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images).

Comey’s original draft said it was “reasonably likely” that “hostile actors” hacked Clinton’s private email, but the language was later softened to “possible.”

After noting that hostile actors gained access to the accounts of Clinton’s associates and that she used her private email while overseas, Comey said in 2016:

“Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail account.”

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite).

Another significant edit to Comey’s statement involved modifying the description of Clinton’s actions from “grossly negligent”–a term that might have legally exposed the former Secretary of State–to the less serious “extremely careless.”

When Strzok’s anti-Trump correspondence with FBI lawyer Lisa Page was released to the public in December, it was also revealed he had earlier been removed from the Mueller probe and demoted at the Bureau.

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Child Mind Institute ).

Strzok remains an active FBI agent.

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