Legal immigrant Mark Steyn grills illegal immigration activist for protecting ‘people who did what I didn’t do’

Mark Steyn proved to be the perfect choice to grill an illegal immigrant advocate to mark the expiration date President Trump set for the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

“San Francisco has announced its priorities,” Steyn stated as he filled in for Tucker Carlson on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Drugs, needles, feces and trash are piling up in the streets. But the city has managed to set aside more than $7 million to give lawyers for illegal immigrants facing deportation and they plan to spend millions more.”

Steyn’s guest was Ali Nooran, from the National Immigration Forum, a group that’s received generous financial donations from George Soros, who he questioned about San Francisco’s priorities.

Nooran fell back on the standard liberal argument that undocumented immigrants must trust local police to keep crime under control, with Steyn later equating what Nooran characterized as “safe and security” as euphemisms for entering the U.S. illegally.

“That’s a familiar argument from immigration activists,” Steyn said. “If you enforce the law, it discourages illegal immigrants from cooperating with police departments.

“For example, in this California, they rounded up 230 undocumented immigrants of which exactly half have been convicted of serious crimes including child sex crimes, assault and weapons charges,” he continued. “Why would anyone wish to keep these people illegally in the United States?”

Nooran’s response was to note that half of the people rounded up, illegal immigrants in the U.S. without a criminal record, are “not public safety threats.”

Which, in the eyes of the left, means it’s acceptable that they remain in the country — illegally.

But Nooran went further, suggesting that “it’s a waste of public resources” for police to pay attention to who’s in the country illegally.

Steyn, an immigrant himself, took umbrage with Nooran conflating legal immigrants with those who entered the country illegally and called him out on the tactic.

“As a legal immigrant, I get a little concerned how that term is applied to people who did what I didn’t do, which is just walk in the country.”


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Tom Tillison


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