Kellyanne Conway has been referred to President Trump for ‘appropriate disciplinary action’ for violating Hatch Act

The Office of Special Counsel has referred White House counselor Kellyanne Conway to the president for two violations of the Hatch Act, according to the OSC.

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Its official report states the two occasions Conway allegedly made the infractions: Once on CNN and once on “Fox & Friends.” The OSC defined the restrictions of the Hatch Act and reported its investigative findings.

“While the Hatch Act allows federal employees to express their views about candidates and political issues as private citizens, it restricts employees from using their official government positions for partisan political purposes, including by trying to influence partisan elections,” the auditor said in its report.

“Ms. Conway’s statements during the “Fox & Friends” and “New Day” interviews impermissibly mixed official government business with political views about candidates in the Alabama special election for U.S. Senate,” the report concluded.

Conway has been a frequent advocate for the Trump administration on cable and network news. Due to her purported advocacy of political candidates while appearing in an official capacity, the OSC has referred her to President Trump “for appropriate disciplinary action.”

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