Frustrated Parkland father says media’s attack on guns isn’t helping anything and he has a suggestion

The father of one of the slain Stoneman Douglas High School students is pushing school safety over gun control as an immediate solution, which runs counter to the media narrative.

Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack, who was killed along with 16 others last month when a gunman opened fire in their Florida high school, told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing effective gun control laws are not achievable right now — in large part because of the media.

Instead, he is advocating for a school safety first program and supports a bill passed Monday in the Florida Senate that he says will accomplish that — Jansing countered that the bill includes arming teachers, but Pollack stressed that the “school marshal” program is voluntary and would be “beneficial” to school safety.

“Well, part of the problem is the media, like before you got on you started talking about the AR bill and it takes away from the focus of what’s important to me and I think a majority of Americans,” Pollack told Jansing. “They want to just know their kids are safe.”

Safe as in right now, not weeks or months down the road, which is how long it may take to pass a gun control bill agreeable to a majority.

“So every time the media starts talking about gun control,” Pollack continued, “it takes away from our objective of making our schools safe, which is achievable right now it we come together.”

“If the media stops saying gun control and instead of using the word gun control put in there school safety,” he said, “it’ll be an easy task for us to get together and make it happen.”

Pollack pointed to concerts to say venues focused on safety, not gun control. He also stressed that he is not necessarily against gun control efforts, but wants to see more immediate action.

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Tom Tillison


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