Calling Sarah Sanders a ‘fat slob’ is by far the worst part of fired Trump aide’s meltdown marathon

Former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg is suddenly all the rage with the anti-Trump media for his assessment that special counsel Robert Mueller may be zeroing in on President Donald Trump.

Never mind that Nunberg’s assertion is based on little more than wild speculation and guessing.

But nothing details just how bizarre a character Nunberg is — he intends to defy a Mueller subpoena, daring federal authorities to arrest him — than his ugly personal attack Monday on White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who he called a “fat slob.”

With Nunberg drawing wall-to-wall coverage on CNN, Sanders downplayed his role in the Trump campaign, insisting that he has a “lack of knowledge” about the inner workings of the White House.

And this didn’t sit well with the former aide who was fired in August 2015 by Trump after racially charged Facebook posts were uncovered.

“You know what, you know what, if Sarah Huckabee wants to start debasing me – she’s a joke,” Nunberg said in an interview with Spectrum News. “Okay fine. Yeah, she’s not attractive, she’s a fat slob, okay fine.”

“But that’s irrelevant. Her – the person she works for has a thirty percent approval rating. Okay?” he continued. “So, if she wants to start attacking me, she can do that, that’s fine. But we know it’s a joke.”

Even here, Ninberg couldn’t be further off.

new Zogby poll of likely voters showed President Trump’s job approval rating at 48 percent and said his popularity is growing among millennials.

As for the name calling, it appears to be par for the course, as this is the same person who allegedly called Al Sharpton’s daughter the “N-word” on Facebook, according to CNN.

Nunberg’s meltdown went over well on social media, here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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