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James Woods lends an assist after ‘crazy old lying lunatic in bad wig’ tweeter is suspended

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Warning: Explicit Language

Maxine Waters just makes it too easy.

Conservative actor James Woods took a torch to the long-time California Democrat on Sunday, tweeting that her wig has the appearance of a “service animal” after another user was suspended for poking fun at Waters’ hair piece.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite).

“That’s a wig? I thought it was a service animal,” Woods wrote.

Woods’ jab was a response to a report that Twitter user @TrueJackDaniel was suspended for seven days over a tweet in which he fired back at Waters’ assertion that many Trump supporters on the social media platform are Russian “bots” who want to “undermine” America’s government.

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“Subversive bots working under the direction of a hostile foreign government to undermine our democracy are NOT protected by the Constitution,” Waters wrote.

The tweet prompted @TrueJackDaniel to reply:

“We’re not Russian bots you retard. Nobody believes a crazy old lying lunatic in a bad wig. Get a weave and shut your f*****g mouth. Just sit there and wait to go to jail in your mansion, you useless corrupt pig. I’m from America and not a slave to $$ like you!”

In a subsequent tweet, @TrueJackDaniel called his message to Waters “milder than the average @Morning_Joe tweet.”


An internal Twitter analysis found that Russian bots were not behind the viral #ReleaseTheMemo campaign as some Democrats had asserted, the Daily Caller reported.

Donald Trump, Jr. also came to the defense of @TrueJackDaniel, criticizing Twitter for “policing” conservatives.

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