Candace Owens calls on black Americans to protect the NRA. It was started to help defend against KKK.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens joined the “Fox & Friends” crew Sunday to share that she just joined the NRA and to offer a history lesson on the group that liberals would prefer to keep quiet.

“I just joined the NRA,” Owens announced, explaining that she knows her history.

“I’m a black American,” she continued, “and I know that the NRA was started as a civil rights organization training black Americans to arm themselves and to defend themselves against the KKK.”

Owens is a former Democrat, who’s now Director Of Urban Development for Turning Point USA, the country’s largest conservative student movement in America.

She said it was an important bit of history to know and she called on black Americans to stand with the NRA.

“Because what the Democrats have been so successful at is wiping away history and re-writing it,” she said. “So it’s very important that black Americans take a stand and protect the NRA in the same way that they defended us.”

Owens accused Democrats of engaging in “ideological slavery” to keep the black vote and said she’s speaking out now because they’re using racism as a narrative in their push for gun control.

Owens also drew attention to Huffington Post’s “Women Trailblazers” list, noting that there are no conservative women on the list.

“The list is absolutely ridiculous… it’s just leftist propaganda,” she said, highlighting one heckuva irony.

“They have the president of Planned Parenthood on the list, as well as a co-founder of Black Lives Matter,” Owens pointed out. “How is that possible?”

“If a black life matters, we’d be talking about the fact that there are 900 black babies that are aborted every single day,” she stated. “Over 19 million black babies aborted since 1973.”

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