When accused rapist Kobe Bryant wins an Oscar he disses Laura Ingraham. Then people remember …

NBA star Kobe Bryant threw shade at Fox News host Laura Ingraham after winning an Oscar for his animated short film “Dear Basketball.”

But, his moment of glory was sullied by non-Hollywood elites who remember Bryant’s scandalous past.  And they were quick to remind others.

“As basketball players, we’re really supposed to ‘shut up and dribble,’” Bryant said during his acceptance speech. “I’m glad we do a bit more than that.”

Bryant shared the stage with director Glen Keane. “Dear Basketball” is a 4-minute cartoon during which Bryant narrates his feelings about retiring from basketball.

In other words, Kobe won an Oscar for something that could have been a Snapchat video where he talks about himself. But at least his Academy Award win will temporarily quell any #OscarsSoWhite” outrage by race-baiting grievance mongers.

Twitter reacted to Kobe Bryant’s Oscar win by saying it’s great that the Academy Awards are continuing their long tradition of celebrating rapists, child molesters, and sexual harassers.

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In 2003, Bryant was accused of raping a 19-year-old woman and was charged with sexual assault. The case was mysteriously dismissed after the accuser refused to testify, fueling rumors that she had been paid off.

Bryant later apologized and admitted that he did cause bruises on the accuser’s neck, but claimed it was due to consensual sexual contact. Twitter was quick to throw his old rape allegations in Kobe’s face.

Many on Twitter felt that awarding Bryant an Oscar was yet another example of Hollywood hypocrisy, proving their #MeToo movement was just lip service in light of the bombshell Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal.

A shocking number of actresses and actors have since come forward with their own sad tales of being raped, harassed, or sexually abused by film executives.






The “shut up and dribble” remark was a reference to a comment Laura Ingraham made in response to NBA star LeBron James, who claimed President Trump “is someone who doesn’t understand the people. And really don’t give a f— about the people.”

Ingraham clapped back at James’ “barely intelligible…un-grammatical take” on politics by saying: “No one voted for you. Millions elected Trump to be their coach. So keep the political commentary to yourself. Or as someone once said: ‘Shut up and dribble.’”

Predictably, liberals called Ingraham a racist, even though she has made similar, harsher comments to white entertainers and other celebrities who make uninformed analyses about politics.

This was not the first time LeBron James had trashed President Trump, and that’s part of the reason why Ingraham reacted to his comment.

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In September 2017, James criticized Trump supporters, saying they’re uneducated. LeBron’s statement was hilariously skewered in a meme that mocked his incoherent rant (see above).

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