‘Me Too’ triggers powerful men to come up with their own movement

With the Academy Awards upon us, it seems Hollywood’s men are going on the offensive, positioning themselves to be on the right side of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement.

A group of men made up of Hollywood’s actors, producers and others in the industry launched their support of the #AskMoreOfHim campaign in an open letter on Friday.

Actors such as David Arquette, David Schwimmer, and Matt McGorry joined filmmaker Kirby Dick and other men to bow down to the females and pledge to “support survivors, condemn sexism wherever we see it and hold ourselves and others accountable.”

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“As men, we have a special responsibility to prevent abuse from happening in the first place. After all, the vast majority of sexual harassment, abuse and violence is perpetrated by men, whether in Hollywood or not,” the letter read.

“And in entertainment — like many industries — men continue to hold most of the decision-making power. Therefore, one of the most powerful things that men can and must do is make it clear to other men — including their friends, colleagues and co-workers — that sexual harassment and abuse are never acceptable,” the letter continued.

With the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment and assault plaguing Hollywood, Sunday’s Academy Award ceremony will likely feature many statements from attendees – ranging from colors worn to lectures from the podium.

The #AskMoreOfHim men seem to want to get ahead of the anticipated Oscars storm.

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“Some may question our motives for signing this statement and we aim to counteract their skepticism by being painfully honest. Men are imperfect. We are imperfect. And many men, including perhaps some of us, may have enabled the bad behavior of others or acted in ways we now regret,” the letter stated.

“Nonetheless, we believe that men must speak out against sexism, even as we engage in our own process of critical self-reflection, personal growth and accountability,” it read.

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The letter is posted on the web page for The Representation Project, a non-profit group begun in 2011 with a mission to “create a world free of limiting stereotypes and social injustices.”

According to a blog on the website:

“For the last four years, The Representation Project has used #AskHerMore on the red carpet to spotlight how our culture values women’s appearance over their accomplishments. This year we’re using #AskMoreOfHim to encourage men to be powerful voices for change within male culture while highlighting the existing anti-sexist men’s work in the U.S. and around the world. Let this version of male leadership become the new normal.”

An invitation to “join us at the Oscars” was included with the letter.

“As advocates, actors, writers, producers, and directors, we hope that our actions will inspire other men to join us. Until now, only a small number of them have been actively engaged in this effort. This must change,” the letter concluded “It’s time we #AskMoreOfHim.”

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