Mark Levin calls for ‘abolishing’ FISA court: ‘Something smells like a rat’

Conservative commentator Mark Levin minced no words in calling for the elimination of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Following reports that the FBI may have violated criminal statutes in its application processes, Levin called on Congress to scrutinize acts of “misconduct” before the FISA court by members of the Department of Justice and FBI.

“It’s time to abolish the FISA court,” Levin said on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Thursday. “It’s time to create a new counterintelligence-related court. It should not consist of existing federal judges,”

The host of “Life, Liberty and Levin” unloaded in reaction to a letter from Rep. Devin Nunes to Attorney General Jeff Sessions Thursday listing five criminal statutes – including conspiracy, obstruction of justice and contempt of court – that may have been violated by applications made by the FBI to the FISA court to obtain a warrant to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Judges were not spared Levin’s wrath as he recounted how his organization, the Landmark Legal Foundation, requested FISA court Judge Rosemary Collyer to “do something” about “alleged abuses” from the FBI and DOJ.

“I do not expect the Department of Justice to investigate the Department of Justice. I just don’t,” Levin said. “I don’t expect the FBI to investigate the FBI. But I damn well expect federal judges serving as FISA court judges to make sure that conduct wasn’t committed in front of them.”

Collyer reportedly responded to the request saying there was “no matter pending before the court with respect to which such an appearance would be proper.”

“This FISA judge… was misdirected,” Levin said. “[Courts] have the power to reach back and hold people accountable [for contempt].”

He admtted his disappointment that FISA judges have acted “like they have no role” in the investigation.

“I want to underscore something tonight, Sean,” Levin told host Sean Hannity. “These federal judges sitting on this FISA court act like they have no role in this. They were abused. The court was abused. The court was misled. People should be held to account.”

“Something smells like a rat,” he said.

Watch the full segment from Fox News’ “Hannity” in the video below:

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