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What Hillary Clinton did after seeing ‘Black Panther’ is offending black Americans

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It appears that Hillary Clinton just doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone… or old habits do indeed die hard.

The failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee took in a movie on Saturday with dear husband Bill Clinton, and turned to social media afterwards to engage in some old fashioned pandering.

(Someone should remind Hills that she’s no longer running for office.)

“Saw Black Panther with Bill this afternoon & loved it. Beautiful film, lots of action, and a great message. Don’t miss it!” she tweeted.

The film “Black Panther” is seen as a groundbreaking celebration of black culture and many black people are moved by the movie, as well they should be. It has been described as “a revolutionary step forward for black superheroes” by Rolling Stone.

All of which explains Clinton’s eagerness to go public with her praise.

But given the circumstances — and her shameful claim on the campaign trail that she carries hot sauce around in her purse — it’s understandable if black Americans feel insulted over Clinton using the movie to score political points.

That sentiment was captured in a single tweet.

“Glad you enjoyed the film. But your days of using Black culture as a means of keeping us enslaved are over,” tweeted Temia Brinson, of Rejoice Magazine.

Here’s a sampling of other responses from Twitter:






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