Trump sends left into frenzy with closed-door remark on becoming “President for Life” – but listen to the audio

President Trump’s remark to Republican donors made behind closed doors in Florida that he thought it was a good idea to become “president for life” has Democrats in a frenzy.

CNN obtained a recording of President Trump’s remarks, which were made in regards to the Communist Chinese abolishing presidential term limits, opening up the opportunity for Xi Jinping to become “president for life.”

“He’s now president for life. President for life. And he’s great,” Trump said.

“And look, he was able to do that,” he continued. “I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot some day.”

A listen to the audio shows why the stunning comment was made in jest: It was made among howling laughter from Republican donors.

Those on the left, however, didn’t think it was so funny.

Today’s American left, everybody. Sometimes the president must think, ‘this is too damn easy.’

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Kyle Becker


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