Meghan McCain dumps on Hollywood and Hillary. ‘The View’s’ liberal audience unexpectedly roars with applause.

And Democrats still can’t grasp why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election?

While discussing this weekends Oscars award show on “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain ripped Hollywood for its bias AND its Hillary Clinton cameos, prompting the audience to applause.

And we’re talking about a liberal-friendly audience!

“I don’t really watch award shows anymore. And maybe — I know there’s a segment of the population that thinks Trump jokes is hilarious, making fun of Republicans is hilarious — I’m here to tell you that Hillary Clinton cameos, all that, I’m so turned off,” McCain said. “I have no interest in being lectured to about my friends who are Trump supporters.”

“And if Hollywood wants to like, be more inclusive, as they claim they are — they’re all inclusive except when it comes to conservative values and except when it comes to Republicans and I’m not interested in watching that that.”

Naturally, co-host Joy-less Behar took exception to the comment, offering a qualifier to justify the bias.

“Hold on a second,” she said. “Since when did you think that Trump is a Republican?”

She went on to claim that Hollywood does smear Trump supporters, but McCain was quick to note that ratings for the Grammys award show where down 24 percent and if they want to see better ratings, parading Hillary out is not going get the job done.

The left’s favorite Republican, Anna Navarro, chimed in with her nonsense that she doesn’t believe Trump is a Republican, insisted he “staged a hostile take over of this party.”

And even that remark drew little more than a lukewarm response from the audience.

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