Gorka, Pirro are all over self-righteous mayor warning families: Al Capone, Pablo Escobar had a families too …

Judge Jeanine Pirro had a bone to pick with a certain liberal mayor.

The Fox News host and former White House official Sebastian Gorka offered a stern condemnation of Democratic Oakland, Calif. Mayor Libby Schaaff, who last Saturday warned illegal aliens in the city about an ICE raid and later said she did not regret the decision.

Pirro explained that because of Schaaf’s tip, hundreds of illegal aliens escaped detention. Nevertheless, ICE was able to apprehend 200 people–including 115 aliens with prior felony convictions for “serious or violent offenses.”

The judge, along with Gorka and fellow guest Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies, reacted with outrage to Schaaf’s lack of an apology.

“Is it a protecting of citizens to prevent ice agents from doing their job?” Pirro asked.

“Citizens want our immigration laws enforced, and ICE targets are, as you mentioned, felons,” Vaughan argued.

Pirro described Schaaf’s actions as making Oakland “more dangerous for everybody,” and brought up Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco in 2015.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.(AP Photo/Ben Margot, File).

“When Oakland’s mayor says ‘we believe our community is safer when families stay together,’ does Kate Steinle and her ability–now that she’s six feet under–to stay with her family, does that enter into the mayor’s mind at all?”

Gorka later offered his opinion on the issue, saying that, contrary to Schaaf’s assertion, cities do not have the “right” to impede immigration enforcement.

“I hope this woman didn’t have any legal training,” Gorka said. “She said ‘it’s the city’s right.’ Cities don’t have rights US Citizens have rights to be protected, and the city has responsibilities to protect them.

He continued:

“The mayor of any city has no power when it comes to immigration, that’s a usurpation of federal authority. She said ‘families have to be protected.’ Well guess what? Al Capone had a family, so did Pablo Escobar. Not all families are good.”

A fellow guest, immigration lawyer Francisco Hernandez, took issue with Pirro and Gorka’s criticism of Schaaf, prompting host to ask:

(Photo: Screen Capture).

“Are you familiar with the definition of obstruction of justice? The definition of obstruction of justice, 18 USC 1505, is when someone ‘obstructs or impedes the administration of law under which any pending procedding is being had before any agency of the United States.”

Gorka added: “The mayor is treating illegal immigrants as a protected class. They are not a protected class. They are illegal immigrants and more than 115 of them have committed serious, violent offenses. When does a mayor protect people who have committed serious felonies?”

The discussion closed with the former Trump aide stating that Democrats’ opposition to immigration enforcement is the result of a desire to “have new voters.”

“Why would you do this as a mayor? There’s one reason. They want to change the demographics and they want to have new voters made out of these illegal aliens,” Gorka said.

“That’s the end of the message. They want to create a new voting block, it’s nothing to do with safety. It’s politics and it is a sham.”

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