‘You’ve got better legs than me’: Fox set gets awkward when The Mooch pays Kennedy a ‘compliment’

Would you expect anything else from The Mooch?

Billionaire and former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci capped an otherwise informative Fox Business interview with Kennedy on Thursday by giving the host a unique compliment, telling her she has better legs than he does.

Kennedy and the short-lived former Trump aide exchanged pleasantries after their discussion on President Trump’s announcement that foreign steel and aluminum will be slapped with tariffs.

The host described Scaramucci as “always open and honest,” to which he replied, “Like you, I don’t let anybody else define me. I’m going to define me.”

“You’re a supermodel,” Kennedy said.

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“Amen,” Scaramucci agreed.

As Kennedy was on the verge of transitioning into the next segment, the outspoken financier got in one last quip.

“You got better legs than me, though.” he said before quickly adding, “I don’t know if you’re allowed to say that anymore on TV.”

A gracious Kennedy joked that it’s “just the implants.”

Scaramucci tried to dial back with some self-deprecating humor, noting his “high torso.”

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In addition to the light-hearted banter, the six-day Communications Director talked trade, saying he doesn’t favor tariffs but believes it could be a tactic by the president to negotiate more favorable trade deals from other nations.

“I don’t like trade wars per se, but if he’s looking for symmetry–again, I don’t know what’s going on on the other side,” Scaramucci explained. “What I would say is that the country needs bilateral symmetry in these trade deals now. For 71 years since we built the new world order after the Second World War, we’ve had asymmetrical trade deals.”

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President Trump on Thursday described the American steel and aluminum industries as being “decimated” by unfavorable deals, and called for “smart trade.”


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