Reporter tries to play ‘gotcha’ with Sarah Sanders over Trump’s lunch with NRA. Here’s how that ended …

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders shut down a reporter who claimed President Trump tried to hide the fact that he had lunch with NRA officials over the weekend.

Sarah Sanders reacts as Daily Mail reporter Francesca Chambers lobbies for gun control during the WH presser.
Sarah Sanders reacts as reporter Francesca Chambers lobbies for gun control at a WH presser. (screenshot)

Francesca Chambers, a liberal writer with the Daily Mail, accused Trump of being shady while pushing her anti-Second Amendment agenda masquerading as a question at Monday’s White House press conference.

Sanders responded to the snark by saying it was obvious that President Trump did not try to hide his lunch with NRA leaders because he openly discussed that meeting during Monday’s governors luncheon.

“Obviously, the president wasn’t trying to keep it under wraps or he wouldn’t have announced it so publicly,” Sanders retorted (video below). “It was a productive conversation. Everybody is in agreement that things need to be done and we have to have some changes take place to do what we can to protect America’s kids. And members of the NRA want to be part of that discussion.”


Sanders pointed out that President Trump has been meeting with people on all sides of the Second Amendment issue before deciding what he will do to mitigate gun violence.

The Daily Mail reporter then suggested the NRA might unduly influence President Trump’s decision when it comes to gun control legislation. Sanders immediately nipped that implication in the bud.

“To try to pretend that he’s being influenced by any one group is ridiculous, considering the number of individuals that he has met with from both the far left to the far right, and a lot of those in between,” she noted. “He’s going to continue those conversations and will meet with bipartisan lawmakers on Wednesday (February 28).”

Liberals have been foaming at the mouth demanding more gun control in the wake of Nikolas Cruz’s Valentine’s Day rampage in Parkland, Florida. Teenage activists like David Hogg have called for a wholesale boycott of Florida tourism and the NRA until anti-gun laws are passed.

Like all previous mass shooters, Nikolas Cruz was not a member of the NRA. Interestingly, liberals did not call for a boycott of trucks when radical Islamic terrorist Sayfullo Saipov used one to mow down 8 people in New York on Halloween.

David Hogg
Teen activist David Hogg has become a media darling because of his anti-Second Amendment stance. (screenshot)

Similarly, they never demanded a boycott of airlines after Islamists murdered 3,000 people after hijacking planes to crash into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Moreover, liberals have said nothing about the countless reports showing the FBI and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office blithely ignored multiple credible tips alerting them that Nikolas Cruz was homicidal and had repeatedly threatened to shoot up his high school.

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Where is the mainstream media outrage over the fact that four sheriff’s deputies refused to go into the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while helpless unarmed students were being slaughtered inside?

High school students protest gun violence by beating up cops and smashing windows

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