Maria Bartiromo’s swipe at Megyn Kelly sparks responses from more top Fox News stars

Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo drew attention over the weekend after she retweeted a report on the “toxic atmosphere” at former Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s new show on NBC.

The re-tweet was readily seen as swipe at her former colleague.

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The tweet was originally posted by Fox News and Fox Business Network marketing executive Michael Tammero, and linked to a damning Page Six report on Kelly.

“When I was in charge of booking audiences for ‘Rush Limbaugh The TV Show’ the show would be OVERbooked at least three months out And we did it by phone!” Tammero tweeted, including a quote from the article of Kelly having only one show sold out through the end of March.

According to a source, Bartiromo retweeted Tammero’s tweet which was about his time as an audience coordinator for Rush Limbaugh. She wasn’t taking a direct shot at Kelly.

Here’s a taste of some of the dirt from the Page Six article:

NBC execs are said to be growing weary of Kelly’s drama, such as questioning Jane Fonda’s patriotism in a January monologue.

A high-ranking NBC veteran said that the show atmosphere is so tense that staffers frequently “cry” on set.


But Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean came to Kelly’s defense, called the hit piece “shameful and sad.”

“Why is it people that know the least about someone have the most to say? @megynkelly is one of my closest friends. She is a strong lady but doesn’t deserve any of this. It’s shameful and sad,” Dean tweeted.

Dean also called out Tammero over his tweet, which she characterized as “so petty and mean spirited.”

Still not done, Dean tweeted a statement from Kelly’s assistant, Abigail Finan, who called what was printed about her boss “BS. All of it.”

“I’ve been friends with for over a decade,” Dean tweeted. “She’s Godmother to my son Theodore. This post is from her assistant Abby. It speaks to Megyn’s true character and the way she champions women. Shame on those spreading lies and throwing stones.”

Melissa Francis, a journalist for the Fox Business Network and Fox News  weighed in on the Page Six article also, calling it “RIDICULOUS” — Dean retweeted her input.

“This is RIDICULOUS. How low will women go to tear each other down?” Francis tweeted. “Megyn has been a tireless mentor, friend, champion to me and so many others. This mean spirited campaign to lie an undermine her is SHAMEFUL.”

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