Brooke Baldwin gets her bubble burst when CNN contributor tells her catching Cruz was just ‘a keystroke away’

CNN host Brooke Baldwin took on the untenable position of eliciting sympathy for Broward County sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson to trash President Donald Trump for being critical of the now-retired deputy who did nothing as students were being gunned down by a killer at a Florida high school.

Baldwin defended the possibility that Peterson had “love” for the students being shot as he listened a safe distance away, but CNN contributor Michael Smerconish would soon burst her bubble when he shattered the liberal media’s gun control narrative.

After discussing movement toward raising the age limit to 21 in Florida to purchase a firearm, which Smerconish backed, he said the shooting was more an intelligence failure than a Second Amendment issue.

“I don’t think it’s that controversial,” he said. “I don’t think we have to get to the real rub of the Second Amendment to figure out what this case really represents. What it really represents was a failure of data integration and data management.”

This was not Ted Kaczynski,” Smerconish explained . “This guy was not only on the grid, he was so well known to law enforcement. In fact, he was even well known to the aforementioned deputy officer who didn’t take action — that individual had been specifically warned about this particular student, whose name I don’t want to use.”

Baldwin chimed in to say that “we live in a Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple kind of world,” as she attempted to toe the line between respect for civil liberties and police doing a better job of managing data.

Smerconish noted in detail the extensive contact history law enforcement had with the 19-year-old gunman and the warnings they’d received, not to mention his purchases of different guns.

“Of course, we don’t have a national data list for the purchase of guns,” he said. “That’s a flash point.”

“As I like to say, catching this guy in advance was a key stroke away,” he added. “And to your observation, it’s a Google, Amazon, Facebook type world in which we live and I have to believe if there were a better cross tabulation, it could have been averted.”


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