Dan Bongino shows how to handle liberal spin: ‘Are we into bizarro Superman land?’

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino is sure to land his own show on Fox News given his penchant for handling liberal spin.

Not one to mince words, Bongino cut to the chase Monday night on “Hannity” when confronted with a refusal to acknowledge facts from fellow panelist Daryl Parks.

The topic was the Russian collusion investigation and Parks, an attorney who once represented Trayvon Martin’s family, refused to believe the Hillary Clinton campaign helped fund the unverified Fusion GPS dossier.

Host Sean Hannity kept the focus on Clinton and her role in all of this, to include the Uranium One deal — the “real Russian collusion.”

Parks, intent on talking about President Donald Trump’s connections to Russia, kept brushing off connections involving the former Democratic presidential candidate.

When Hannity asked Parks to produce any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, he pointed to Friday’s indictment of 13 Russian nationals.

“Where in the indictment does it point to anyone who wittingly colluded?” asked Bongino.

Parks replied that the indictment “shows that Russia backed Trump,” prompting the former Secret Service agent to point out that Moscow also backed a pro-Hillary group.

“Did you read the indictment or are you making this up?” Bongino fired back, after Parks reiterated his stance. “You must’ve missed that line 53 where it says ‘Support Hillary, Save American Muslims.'”

Parks was adamant that the indictment shows Russia backed Trump, reassuring his fellow panelist that he read the entire 37 page indictment.

Bongino continued to grill Parks unmercifully about the indictment “you didn’t read and you say you did.”

“You missed line 53. Check that out and come back in another show,” he fired back after Parks insisted again that he read the indictment.

“I think you have to read the whole document,” Parks said, refusing to acknowledge the contention that Russia supported a pro-Hillary group.

“Are we into bizarro Superman land?” Bongino asked incredulously. “I’m telling you it’s in the indictment on national television. You think I’m making this up? Look it up yourself.”

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