This school’s not likely to be next target … good guys are all packing heat and it works

Amid all the hysteria over gun control in the wake of yet another school shooting, a school in New Mexico is not likely to be the next target.

…because everyone’s packing heat!

Well, maybe not everyone, but many teachers at the parochial school carry firearms, as does the principle and head of security, according to Inside Edition.

Even the school’s pastor carries a .45 — in a case that looks like a Bible.

By a show of hands, student’s in a classroom at the school were asked if they feel safer knowing their teacher was carrying a gun. Every hand in the room went up, as seen in the video clip below:

Some in law enforcement support the idea of arming select teachers as a safety precaution.

Polk County, Fla. Sheriff Grady Judd said allowing some hand-picked teachers to carry firearms in the classroom would be a “game changer,” Fox News reported.

The sheriff’s initiative would screen teachers and include skill and psychological requirements.

The reaction on social media suggests that many Americans would support the idea of arming teachers.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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