Rush shocks Chris Wallace with bold immigration proposal: I’ll support full amnesty on just ONE condition …

Talk radio king Rush Limbaugh appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to offer his take on current events, to include Friday’s news that 13 Russian nationals were indicted for meddling in the 2016 election.

El Rushbo said the worst thing President Donald Trump can do is claim that he has been vindicated by the indictments which show no signs of collusion, warning that there could still be indictments coming down the road.

“That’s what this is all about. This is about getting Trump,” Limbaugh insisted. “This whole thing is about setting Trump up for impeachment and the Democrats win in 2018. Donald Trump remains in the cross-hairs, he is the target and there is no let up in that.”

He agreed with a characterization of his views put forth by host Chris Wallace that the real scandal here is the effort by the Hillary Clinton campaign, with the help of the Obama administration, to sabotage Trump.

When asked why former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador, Rush had an interesting take.

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“Because they ran him dry,” he said. “His family was being destroyed, his financial network was destroyed. He was being broken, he had to stop the bleeding.”

“This is all politics and it hasn’t changed from the get-go,” Limbaugh said. “It is about protecting Hillary AND [Barack] Obama.

He said the former president “is the primary person being protected because all of this spying and all of this collusion to destroy Trump happened with his knowledge and, probably, encouragement.”

The conversation shifted to immigration, with Limbaugh explaining that Democrats support illegal immigration because the party needs “a permanent underclass that’s dependent on the government for their survival.”

He said Democrats don’t want to solve the problem, which Trump is exposing.

“I would be willing right here to support an effort to grant permanent citizenship to whatever number of illegal immigrants there are in the country tomorrow if you will make as part of the deal they can’t vote for 15 to 25 years,” Limbaugh said.

“And if people agree to that, I’ll grant them amnesty.”

Watch Wallace react to his suggestion …


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