Joy Reid asks how NRA members sleep at night. Army vet’s response could not have nailed it better.

Joy Reid’s jab at the NRA just got shot down.

A retired US Army Special Forces medic reacted to left-wing critique of the National Rifle Association in the aftermath of Wednesday’s Parkland, Fla. shooting by tweeting a sarcastic jab at MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

“MSNBC Joy Reid: ‘the NRA is seeped and bathed in blood. How do their adherents sleep at night?'” wrote user R. Wolfe. “Well Joy, I sleep very well knowing that I have a Baretta on the night stand in case some deranged democrat decides to go on a rampage.”

Wolfe’s rebuke quoted from a tweet Reid penned in response to November’s mass shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas–a tragedy that left 26 dead.

Reid’s remark echoed the widespread criticism of the NRA that arose after 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people at Stoneman Douglas High School last week.

Actor Michael Keaton blasted Republicans and the NRA as “weak, disgusting cowards.”

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Comedian Michael Ian Black was among any Twitter users who called the NRA a “terrorist organization.”

British biologist and writer Richard Dawkins said members of the NRA deserve to go to hell, if it exists.

“Hell does not exist, otherwise the members of the National Rifle Association would surely go there,” Dawkins wrote. “Perhaps they’d experience a form of hell, here and now, if they had the imagination to think of the bereaved, weeping for their children. But no, they’re too stupid to understand.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper also took aim aim at the NRA.

Several users expressed their disagreement with Reid’s characterization of the NRA.

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