Bongino oozes with disgust for Pelosi; she ‘disgraces herself, her country … to knowingly lie to Americans’

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has been on a roll lately in his disgust with liberal Americans.

Bongino unloaded on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her continued attacks on President Donald Trump, as seen in her reaction to Friday’s news that 13 Russian nationals were indicted for meddling in US elections.

He was adamant that the president, regardless of who it is, should never be accused of treason by political opponents unless there’s “hard evidence” to support the claim.


Appearing on Fox News, Bongino said that Pelosi “goes out there and just disgraces herself, the country [and] her party by continuing to knowingly and wittingly … lie to the American people about a collusion scandal that never happened.”

“It’s so disgusting that it’s hard for me to discuss without using FCC-banned words,” he added. “That’s how upset I am.”

When it was noted the Russian disinformation campaign to influence US elections began in April 2014, Bongino was quick to note that the Obama administration “sat on their hands and did nothing.”

He also said former President Barack Obama even downplayed this effort as he was leaving office.

Bongino is not one to mince his words, as seen when he unloaded on Alyssa Milano after the actress said the NRA should be held accountable for the school shooting in Florida.

“You’re so unbelievably ignorant and uninformed,” he said on Twitter. “It’s highly unlikely that you’ve taken the time to even attempt to understand why law-abiding American firearm owners are either law-abiding, or firearm owners. YOU are not helping, not one bit.”


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