Women’s March organizing national school walk-out

Women’s March has an idea about how to keep schools safe, and it predictably has absolutely nothing to do with enacting realistic policies that would actually work, like increased, armed security in schools.

Instead, the group tweeted about a “Women’s March Youth Empower” (whatever that is) and “partners” who are organizing a “national mass school walk-out” until politicians enact #GunReformNow.

Because apparently, “tangible action” these days is a march with leftists holding signs and chanting useless slogans, maybe even blocking traffic and making working conservatives angry.

Then again, we ARE talking about a group called “Women’s March…”

So naturally, the idea of “walking out” of school had social justice warrior types giddy with excitement.


But sadly for Women’s March, there had to be a few skeptics to rain on the party.

But Twitchy had the best idea of all: “Walk out, order a good homeschooling curriculum, and DO NOT GO BACK. That’ll show ’em, and you’ll be safer too.”

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