Hero coach Aaron Feis’s FB page shows a Trump supporter who believed in God and country

Much like the liberal media did during the height of the tea party movement, looking to blame participants for every bad deed in America, there was a rush to connect the 19-year-old shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, to President Donald Trump.

Turns out, the true Trump supporter was one of the heroes who was shot and killed when, according to the students he saved, he placed his body between the sick killer and children in harm’s way.

Coach Aaron Feis sacrificed his life so the students he loved might live.

“He shielded two kids from being shot. He took the bullets himself,” student Julien Decoste told NBC News.

A look at Feis’ Facebook page shows that not only was he a Trump supporter, but a patriotic American who was vocal about his love for God and country — attributes that won’t sit too well in today’s media.

Family members have opted to leave the assistant coach’s Facebook account up, greeting visitors with a message: “We hope people who love Aaron will find comfort in visiting his profile to remember and celebrate his life.”

There’s little doubt about Feis’ political affiliation, as he followed just about every top conservative organization and many of today’s leading conservative personalities.

He even followed the NRA, which is sure to add to the angst of the gun-control crowd.

As for God, his page makes it clear where Feis stood:

Feis also shared a post from another social media user that showed two small boys praying, and included the caption: “I’m a firm believer in God and I know he is the ANSWER to everything.”

Here’s a sampling of other posts seen on Feis’ Facebook page:

Feis Facebook Page

Feis also had a sense of humor, which is displayed throughout his page, as well as a down-to-earth quality, as seen in one post that captured both of these attributes.

Rest in peace, coach, and may God bless you. You did well.


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