Brother of hero football coach breaks down over one stranger’s tribute

The brother of the hero football coach who ran toward the sound of gunfire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, putting his body between students and a killer, was not surprised when he learned how his little brother died.

“That’s Aaron,” said Michael Connell Jr., the older brother of beloved Coach Aaron Feis.

The brothers both attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where Feis was employed as an assistant coach and security guard. According to students, Feis used his body as a shield as the sick 19-year-old gunman fired on students.

“He shielded two kids from being shot. He took the bullets himself,” student Julien Decoste told NBC News.

Connell spoke with Kansas City’s KSHB-TV, describing the moment a family member told him what happened to his brother. Feis was reportedly shot three times in the chest.

“What he did is what I’d expect. That’s just… that’s Aaron,” Connell said.

The older brother was composed until he displayed a heartbreaking image drawn by Canadian cartoonist Pia Guerra. He quickly broke down in tears.

The picture depicts Aaron being greeted by the children and other victims of past school shootings.

“Come on Mister Feis! So many of us want to meet you!” the image’s caption reads.

Connell said he will miss his little brother, who is a husband and father, and is proud of him for the actions he took.

“He was a man of character,” Connell told the Kansas City Star Friday. “He was a good man. The shooting happened and he went toward it. He ran toward it, saving a bunch of kids. He went toward the guy that was shooting. I’m not surprised at all. I wish he hadn’t, but at the same time I think more people would be dead.”

Tom Tillison


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