Michael Keaton blasts Republicans, NRA: They’re ‘weak, disgusting cowards’

On Thursday, liberal actor Michael Keaton used his Instagram account to vent his frustration with the “weak disgusting cowards in Congress” who have thus far not passed any significant gun control legislation despite a tragic list of school shootings dating from 1999’s Columbine massacre.

Here is Keaton’s Instagram post:

“NRA/Republicans-‘too soon’ to talk about gun violence,” Keaton wrote. “Well, for 20 first graders @ Sandy Hook (and all the others) it’s just a little ‘too late.’ You weak disgusting cowards in Congress.”

Keaton never mentioned what he feels Congress should do to avoid his ire, but Breitbart’s Awr Hawkins did list a few things “there is no point in doing.”

For example, since almost every high-profile public attacker in recent memory passed a background check for their guns, including five of the six Keaton listed, surely background checks would not be a suggestion.

Moreover, in five of the six instances that Keaton lists, the victims were in a place where they were not allowed to be armed, so Congressional support of gun-free zones would not benefit innocents either.

In four of the six instances he listed–Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Orlando Pulse, and Sutherland Springs–the attackers were armed with a handgun and a rifle, so a Congressional ban of one type of weapon would not change anything there.

Even though they would likely not admit it, liberals in favor of gun confiscation are and always will be pro-gun. They just want government agents with guns to disarm American citizens they deem untrustworthy. At which point, only the government and criminals will have guns.

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Needless to say, Keaton’s post drew quite a bit of criticism on social media.

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