Bill Murray calls GOP tax cuts ‘fantastic,’ says political ‘clash of clans’ can make way for change

Comedian Bill Murray continued raising eyebrows with his refreshing, non-politically correct, view of the polarization of politics while he praised GOP tax cuts as “fantastic.”

The actor called President Trump’s tax overhaul a “great thing for corporations,” describing it as a “high tide raising all boats,” during an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

“I think certainly the change in the tax laws is a great thing for the corporations, it is a fantastic thing,” Murray told CNBC. “I don’t pretend to understand what that will mean in the future in terms of the economy or what the budget will have to do to take care of what people call entitlements. That may or may not work, and I don’t know. But, I think in the first step it’s made things easier.”

The “Caddyshack” actor and “Saturday Night Live” alum may have taken the CNBC audience off guard with his views on the political divide, leaving the typical Hollywood script behind.

He called out Democrats for “not speaking to everyone at once” and criticized politicians who play identity politics.

“There’s almost a resentment that somehow you’re separated, again, by a politician — ‘You’re my people. I’m in control of you, I represent you.’ Instead of thinking that each citizen has a right to be respected as a citizen first, under the laws of the country,” the 67-year-old actor said.

Murray remarked on the past year in politics.

“It’s a clash of clans first thing in the morning everyday, you know, where people are just going to war about so much,” he said. “It’s interesting when this kind of movement happens, when this kind of thing happens. It creates all kinds of compost, fertilizer to make the next stage happen.”

He noted that some thought, incorrectly, that political stances could be used as “a new opportunity to join some people together.”

“How can Kristen Wiig make everyone laugh? She’s not thinking about being political. She’s thinking about what resonates and what is common to all of us,” Murray said. ” I think that’s harder and harder to do because people are trying to win their point of view as opposed to saying what if I spoke to everyone.”

Radio talk show host Richard Fowler and former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush, Brad Blakeman, discussed Murray’s views on Fox News on Wednesday.


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