ABC inexplicably links Florida shooting to Trump in ‘turmoil’ over Robert Porter scandal

Even in the midst of an unfolding tragedy, the mainstream media looks for ways to take potshots at President Trump.

The liberal gymnastics were on display as news outlets turned reporting on the deadly school shooting in Florida Wednesday to their favorite topic of gun control. But over at ABC News, one reporter took the opportunity to strangely link Trump to the horrific scene at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 people were killed.

ABC reporter Cecilia Vega covered the breaking story and told viewers that the president had been briefed on the events so far. But she took a bizarre leap and added that the “very tragic incident” came as the White House was in “turmoil” because of the “Rob Porter scandal,” referring to the resignation of the former staff secretary after allegations of domestic abuse by two of his former wives.

“Just a few minutes ago, we did hear from White House Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Walters who told us that President Trump who is here at the White House has been briefed on this shooting in Florida,” Vega said in the live ABC News coverage from Washington, D.C. “We’re told that the White House is actively monitoring the situation and of course, they extend their thoughts and prayers to those who are affected.”

Vega then reported that “strangely enough this is the second alert that this White House has had to send out today,” referring to the shooting earlier in the day when a vehicle attempted to enter the National Security Agency’s headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland.

“We are expecting a briefing in the hour from Press Secretary Sarah Sanders,” Vega continued before the report took its illogical turn.

“And of course, as you know, George, this very tragic incident comes as this White House is in turmoil right now over this with this Rob Porter scandal,” she told George Stephanopoulos back in the studio. “So they’ve got a lot on their plate here today.”

“They have a lot going on there today,” Stephanopoulos agreed.

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