Fox News: Florida shooter reportedly followed Syrian resistance groups; searched out ‘Allahu Akbar’

Fox News is reporting that suspected Parkland shooter Nikolas de Jesus Cruz followed “resistance groups in Syria” on his Instagram page.

Martha MacCallum reported for Fox News on the development in the Parkland massacre case, as police investigators and journalists seek out a motive for a shooting that claimed the lives of at least 17 innocent people.

“Yes, digging into a social media background,” MacCollum said, “as a share of said earlier there are some disturbing things as you dig deeper. Instagram there are pictures of him brandishing weapons and knives and there are some texts and captions that we really cannot repeat on television.”

As reported earlier, Cruz posted several images to Instagram with messages presaging his attack on the high school. One student told CNN that “everyone predicted” Cruz would carry out the attack.

Instagram image of Cruz:

Under the name “Nikolas Cruz” he posted images with guns and knives on Instagram.

Cruz with various knives.

“Arsenal,” Cruz posted.

Another firearm.

“30-06,” he labeled the rifle.

A target Cruz showed off on Instagram.

“We can tell you that there was one picture of a targets riddled with bullet holes. ‘Group therapy that you really should try it,'” Fox reported.

“Friends of his telling the fox affiliate in Miami that he had guns at home, several guns and that when they would visit him he would talk about using those guns,” MacCallum reported. “We talked earlier about how there was a threat warning at the high school, one teacher telling the Miami Herald that last year apparently he made some threats to some fellow students and that he was kicked out of school and then a warning was sent out to all of the teachers in the faculty saying that if the student comes back on campus with a backpack coming you need to notify security right away, because he has been identified as a security threat.”

“We should also point out that we mentioned earlier that he actually on his Instagram page followed various resistance groups. We are talking about Syrian fighters and fighters from Iraq, and delving deeper into that. Some of them are really kind of in the weeds where we are not quite clear if those accounts have been verified.”

In addition to these suspected postings, Cruz did search out “Allahu Akbar” on Google and remarked about it:

“Well at least we now know what it means when a sand durka says ‘allahu Akbar’ ??????” he wrote.

“So we are not going to go there yet, but the sheriff and the FBI as they scour his social media footprint, they will be of course looking for any leads that will give them any indication as to what caused this or any motivation as to why he did what he did.”

We can not fully know what Cruz did until the FBI and law enforcement complete their investigation. Cruz is currently alive and in custody, so he will be able to clarify any motive he had for the atrocity. Until then, we can assume Cruz was a disturbed individual with violent interests.

Kyle Becker


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