Everyone’s confused about Sammy Sosa’s new look as a ‘white cowboy,’ but his wife really seems to love it

Sammy Sosa should star in the next “50 Shades” movie since he could play all 50 shades. That’s what people are joking online after seeing his latest transformation.

Sosa threw a cowboy-themed birthday party for his wife Sonia, where he sported a red hat, red cowboy boots, and a white shirt accented with red roses.

sammy sosa before after skin bleaching white cowboy

50 Shades of Sammy Sosa. (MLB file photo, equipofilms)

The 49-year-old former baseball star even showed off his impressive country-dancing skills (video below). His wife Sonia, who donned a flirty cowgirl outfit, happily twirled on the dance floor with her man.

But what fueled online chatter was Sosa’s white complexion, causing many to speculate that Sammy is still bleaching his skin.

Sosa played for the Chicago Cubs from 1992 to 2004. In 2007, the slugger was implicated in a steroid scandal, but he has repeatedly denied those charges. During his pro baseball career, Sosa was celebrated for his muscular build and powerful hitting.

Since retiring from baseball, Sosa — who has naturally dark skin — has made countless headlines for his ever-changing appearance.

In 2009, Sosa raised eyebrows after appearing in public looking dramatically whiter. At the time, he told the Spanish-language TV show “Primer Impacto” that he used a bleaching cream to lighten his skin.

“It’s a bleaching cream that I apply before going to bed and it whitens my skin,” he said.

sammy sosa skin white pink bleach plastic surgery

Sammy Sosa reportedly got plastic surgery to thin out his nose. (MLB file photo, screenshot)

Sosa dismissed speculation that he’s a self-hating racist. “I’m not a racist, I live my life happily,” he said.

Sosa, who was born in the Dominican Republic, is also rumored to have gotten plastic surgery on his nose, and has been photographed wearing light-colored contact lenses.

His latest “white cowboy” look was hilariously roasted on Twitter. But here’s what we say: Sammy, you do you.

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Check out Sammy Sosa’s stunning before-and-after transformation through the years.

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