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‘Do you cook, clean?’ Chris Matthews asks Mika and Joe Scarborough about home life

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MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews took hard-hitting journalism to the next level by asking “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski if she cooks and cleans for her boss/fiancé, Joe Scarborough, at home.

“Let me ask you about the homemaking thing. Do you cook?” Matthews asked.

“She cooks,” Scarborough replied.  A puzzled Brzezinski simply quipped: “What?”

Then, Matthews asked who cleans up around the house, washes the dishes, and makes the bed. (Like most wealthy New Yorkers, Mika and Joe probably employ maids for that. That may be why they’re both soft on illegal immigration.)

A nosy Matthews continued: “Do you do the washing and all that? Do you clean up?”

Scarborough retorted: “This is men’s talk. Here’s the funny thing, Chris. I know this will surprise people, but I’m sort of OCD on cleaning up. I don’t like things on the floor, so I’m the one that cleans up.”

Scarborough added that sloppy Mika “just throws things everywhere.”

Mika Brzezinski plastic surgery
In 2017, Joe Scarborough said he was leaving the GOP after Trump mocked Mika Brzezinski’s plastic surgery. (screenshots)

Matthews pressed on: “What about unmade beds, do they drive you crazy?”

Scarborough replied: “Yes.”

At that point, Brzezinski quickly tried to wrap up the segment by saying: “Alright, Chris Matthews, thank you so much.”

It was an awkward exchange, but not surprising for “Morning Joe” since the news program has rapidly devolved into snarky gossip show. Brzezinski and Scarborough got engaged in May 2017 amid longstanding rumors they were having an affair for many years.

Mika and Joe were married to other people when they started co-hosting “Morning Joe” in 2007. Scarborough got divorced in 2013, and Mika divorced in 2016. The two officially came out as a couple in 2017.

Mika Brzezinski crush president donald trump jealous melania
Mika Brzezinski claimed Melania Trump wants to divorce Donald. Melania responded by calling Mika “sad.” (screengrabs)

Brzezinski and Scarborough were once close friends of President Trump, but now spend most of their show trashing the billionaire mogul. In December 2017, Mika gleefully gloated that President Trump’s team “might go to jail for the rest of their lives.”

Of course, that was before bombshell reports surfaced about the dirty provenance of the discredited “Trump dossier” and new revelations suggesting Barack Obama and Susan Rice were involved in the illegal spying-on of Trump campaign aides.

Mika Brzezinski flirted outrageously with Trump before he became president

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