Anderson Cooper: White House is trying to ‘gaslight the American people’ by covering up Porter allegations

CNN’s Anderson Cooper spewed about the White House’s handling of the domestic abuse allegations against former aide Rob Porter and accused President Trump’s administration of “gaslighting” the American people.

“We begin tonight keeping them honest, with the White House continuing their effort to gaslight the American people,” Cooper said opening his show Tuesday night with a monologue on the fallout following the resignation of Porter after domestic abuse accusations from both of his ex-wives.

“Gaslighting is when someone tries to make you question your own reality and sanity,” Cooper said. “And they do this by lying, they do it by speaking in contradictions, and by denying the reality that you know to be true.”

Sounds like an art perfected by CNN and the liberal media.

The White House has been dealing with the crisis over Porter for days, and whether officials like chief of staff John Kelly knew about the allegations against him.

“Today the White House is changing its story to shift the blame,” Cooper went on, referring to testimony by FBI Director Christopher Wray which seemed to contradict the White House’s explanations. “The story magically, conveniently changed hours after the FBI director testified about a time line that directly contradicted what the white House had said just yesterday. The White House tried to make a case that you shouldn’t believe your own eyes and ears you should believe each version of the White House’s shifting narrative and you should believe the White House when you hear the president cares about victims of domestic violence.”

Cooper slammed the White House for “sticking to its story that above all, the president cares about victims,” declaring that Trump “has not condemned domestic violence in any way possible.”

“Actually not condemned it in any way possible. He has not done that. In fact, he has a long history of defending men of violence against women including himself,” Cooper claimed.

“The White House says don’t believe your eyes, believe us. We asked the White House to come and talk about this and they said no,” he concluded.

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