Parkland Hero: Student reports teacher gave life saving students during massacre

A story of a true hero has arisen amidst the senseless tragedy in Parkland, Florida.

A mass shooter unleashed a torrent of bullets on innocent students and teachers and we now know that at least 17 people were slain in the horrific attack.

Nicolas de Jesus Cruz, a 19-year-old former Jr. ROTC student, is the prime suspect in the massacre. A former student who was reportedly expelled from the school for disciplinary reasons, he has posted several disturbing photos on Instagram, showing himself brandishing knives and guns.


One student told a CNN reporter that “everyone predicted” that the shooter would carry out such a terrible atrocity.

Although we currently don’t know the motive for the heinous attack, we do have a sense of the fear and panic the shooter inflicted on the poor victims. Broward County sheriff Scott Israel reported that an “extremely powerful rifle” was used in the attack. CNN reported that an AR-15 style rifle was seized at the crime scene.

A harrowing video showing students hiding from the barrage of gunfire gives us a disturbing look at the chaos. It’s in that context that we can truly appreciate the heroism of a teacher who a student told News 7 stepped up to protect the students.

The student told WSVN 7 said that a teacher did not make it out.

“So, we heard our fire alarm for the second time that day, which is weird,” she said. “And we left the classroom, which he locked the door so we could leave. When people were halfway down the stairway, it just stopped, the alarm stopped… and we heard gunshots coming from the first floor, the second floor. And people were running upstairs, even from the second floor.”

“We all got upstairs and into our classrooms,” she continued. “When he tried to unlock the door, me and a couple of other people ran, and when he was closing the door, he was actually shot and killed, right there.”

Thank God for teachers who love their students so much they’d give their lives for them. Due to this brave man, this young girl is alive to tell his story of heroism.

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