People are starting to notice something very peculiar about former President Obama’s new portrait

The Obamas’ recent portraits were released to much-fanfare, leading to a divide in public opinion over whether they were actually good.

Everyone’s a critic.

As people began to dissect the portraits, an interesting pattern emerged.

Chris Loesch, artist and husband to NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, helped draw attention to it.

“The Art Of Copy/Pasta: Ctrl+V, and how my TL took the art world by dust storm,” @VapidEcho wrote. Take a closer look.

You see that? A recurring pattern in the leaves. Also, Loesch noted the odd lighting.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, while heaping predictable praise on the portraits, noted the artists.

Speaking of Kehinde Wiley, he also did this lovely portrait.

That would be a woman holding a decapitated head. (Kathy Griffin, eat your heart out.)

It wasn’t the only such portrait in Wiley’s oeuvre.


Now, look closer. The same recurring pattern.

Regardless of the controversial subject matter of black women decapitating white women as “art,” there is also the matter of the technical execution of the paintings. If they were created with digital “photoshopping” technology, then we can add another layer of fraudulence to the Obama legacy.

Update: That’s not all folks, looks like Obama has… six fingers? Who knew.

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Kyle Becker


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