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Fox News guest destroys Robert De Niro’s take on Trump and shines a light on his Hollywood hypocrisy

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DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

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The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Bedford called out Robert De Niro on Monday for his hypocritical criticism of President Donald Trump and said he is out of touch.

De Niro said Sunday at Dubai’s World Government Summit that America’s support for Trump was just a side effect of  “temporary insanity” and the country will be cured when he will be voted out of office.

“It’s kind of quaint and brings me back to the old days,” Bedford said on “America’s Newsroom.” “It goes back to the old days of wealthy Hollywood celebrities taking their private jets around the world to complain about people. It’s almost like the Bush years. To go out to this foreign country that’s 40 percent or so of the GDP is fossil fuels. Natural gas, oil — and say that we’ve got it backwards. To say the United States is backwards in the United Arab Emirates, it’s kind of quaint. It’s kind of funny and it’s easy to write off. It’s just Robert De Niro spouting off again.”

Bedford also slammed De Niro for promoting his own private luxury resort during his last visit to the United Arab Emirates and said he doesn’t understand what drives the average Americans.

“If he was an expert maybe, he would look in the mirror. Last time he was in the UAE he was promoting the private luxury resort he’s building in the Caribbean. Complete with it’s own private jet airport,” Bedford said. “That’s why he was around there last time … and right then he was kind of in the news for calling the president a dog, the now president and saying he wanted to punch him in the face.”

“Donald Trump got elected by a lot of people who did feel like they had been forgotten and marginalized,” Bedford concluded. “A lot of those people will not be going Robert De Niro’s resort, but they will be getting a higher paycheck this year.”

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