American ‘Women of Color’ attending ‘healing retreats’ to give themselves ‘a break from white people’

Talk about going full circle, in post-Obama America women of color are ignoring the country’s history of segregation to insist on their own brand of segregation.

Vice News featured a video Friday that touts a “Women of Color” healing retreat in Costa Rica designed to let attendees shun white people, who are banned from attending.

The narrator introduces Alexis Bromley, who is from Omaha, Nebraska, saying she “needed a break from white people.”

“In Omaha, it’s very segregated,” Bromley said. “It can be very isolated if you’re a person of color.”

Of course, her answer is to go on a retreat that segregates her from people who don’t look like her. In effect, to isolate herself.

And tout the virtues of her “blackness” in a safe space, with the narrator noting that this is more of a premium since President Donald Trump took office.

Bromnley stereotypes white Republicans as racists, saying that Nebraska is a red state, “so you just don’t know who you interact with on a daily basis, if they believe that you are lesser or inferior.”

As for racists, the retreat founder is Andrea X, who believes that white people shouldn’t be given passports because of how destructive they are.

If there’s a silver lining here, it’s that Andrea X, seen below, is an expatriate who no longer lives in the US.

Citing “microaggressions” and “passive-aggressiveness,” Andrea X said life has become “way more breezy” after she opted “to just eliminate white people from my personal life.”

“I have no tips for a white person” she said. “My tip to white people is to let us have our space, let us have our room, and go hang out with other white people. We’re okay. You know, you’ve done enough damage.”


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