Oscar winner throws down on #MeToo: ‘The Witch Hunt should be left in the Middle Ages’

While the left is all atwitter over President Donald Trump’s tweet on Saturday about due process in the face of two White House staffers resigning after claims of domestic violence, a prominent European filmmaker made some remarkable comments about the #MeToo movement.

Oscar winning director Michael Haneke was asked in an interview with Kurier about a tendency to rebuild taboos as a result of the current emphasis on sexual abuse, which he called a “witch hunt” that “should be left in the Middle Ages.”

SG Michael Haneke
Screengrab Michael Haneke

“This new, man-hating Puritanism coming in the wake of the #MeToo movement worries me,” Haneke said.

The Austrian filmmaker who directed films such as “Amour,” “The White Ribbon” and “The Piano Teacher,” was reluctant to even talk about the subject.

“Oh god, do not ask me about it,” he said when the #MeToo movement came up. “As a man, you should hardly say anything more about this topic.”

“Of course, I find that any form of rape or coercion is punishable,” he said. “That’s not a question.”

Haneke, who said he’s never faced allegations of inappropriate behavior, would question potential motivations behind allegations made about incidents taking place long ago.

“But this prejudice hysteria, which is spreading now, I find absolutely disgusting, he said. “And I do not want to know how many of these charges related to incidents 20 or 30 years ago are primarily statements that have little to do with sexual assault.”

He also anticipated how his views may go over: “I can imagine what you can read on the net after this interview: Haneke, the male chauvinist pig.”

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