Justin Trudeau’s motorcade crash injures 3, including California Highway Patrol Officer

It was a close call for Justin Trudeau.

Three people, including a California Highway Patrol officer, were hospitalized after a car crash Friday evening that involved the motorcade of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, CBC reports.

The incident took place outside Los Angeles when a black 2008 Toyota Highlander crashed into the officer, who was on motorcycle. The unnamed officer was reportedly thrown off his vehicle.

Trudeau’s vehicle was not involved in the collision and he was not harmed, CBC reported. The officer sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries.

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The female driver of the black Highlander and her child were taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure, Sgt. Saul Gomez of the highway patrol said.

Gomez stated that the woman could be charged if she’s found to be at fault for the accident. Authorities on the scene said the driver did not display any signs of impairment.

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The motorcade was on the road leaving the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, where the Canadian prime minister gave an address touting the necessity of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

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President Trump has repeatedly criticized NAFTA, which he has said puts American workers and products at a disadvantage. The president has called on the US to pull out of NAFTA if the agreement cannot be drastically modified.



This week, Trudeau was in the spotlight for saying during a Q&A that he prefers the term “peoplekind” to “mankind.”

The prime minister later said that the “peoplekind” comment was a “dumb joke.”

Trudeau’s week just went from bad to worse. It’s fortunate for him, the police officer and others in the motorcade accident, that all survived.

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