Walgreens gives the green light for all men to use the women’s restrooms — now they’re target of a new petition

Walgreens stores now welcome men who identify as women into women’s restrooms in all of their 8,100 locations.

The decision follows in the footsteps of a similar move by retail giant Target, despite the fact that there have been dozens of women and children victimized by male predators inside Target stores since that policy was enacted, according to the American Family Association.  The non-profit organization has launched an online petition urging the drug store chain to reverse its policy.

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“All individuals have a right to use restroom facilities that correspond to the individual’s gender identity, regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth,” Walgreens announced in a November 2017 memo.

The company said their intent “is to support transgender individuals and foster an environment of inclusion and mutual respect.”

Unless you oppose the privacy violation that may prove to be a safety risk.

The policy came to be after a customer complained that a Walgreens employee would not let her use the women’s restroom because she “dressed like a man,” according to a statement from the ACLU’s Southern California chapter, which took up the cause.

Jessie Meehan, who is not transgender, according to the Los Angeles Times, was on her way to a Los Angeles LGBTQ pride festival last year when she stopped at a Walgreens on Sunset Blvd.

She shared her story in a well-produced video distributed by ACLU of Southern California.

Despite female customers, including young girls, potentially becoming victims of voyeurism, sexual assault and physical attack, ACLU SoCal. attorney Amanda Goad turned that risk on its head when she spoke about “safe restroom access.”

“Everyone needs safe restroom access, and California law protects every person’s right to access restrooms based on their gender identity in workplaces, schools, and business establishments,” Goad said, according to NBC News. “It’s important for businesses to make sure their employees understand that requirement, just like Walgreens is now doing, because Jessie Meehan had the courage to stand up for her rights.”

AFA is asking supporters to sign their petition urging Walgreens to immediately reverse its dangerous policy.

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