Even CNN reporters agree that Omarosa is completely full of it, and only craves attention

DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

CNN reporters Chris Cillizza and Nia-Malika Henderson expressed their feelings about Omarosa Manigault’s return to reality TV and said she is only interested in attention.

Omarosa cries about her time in the White House in her new show Celebrity Big Brother. Image: Video screen grab.

“This is what Omarosa is brilliant about, right? Making good TV, reinventing herself, being relevant in whatever way she needs to be,” Henderson said Thursday on “CNN Newsroom.” “She jumped on the reality show band wagon early on with Donald Trump and jumped off the Hillary Clinton band wagon and on to the Donald Trump band wagon in the context of 2016. Here she is, reinventing herself and seeming to jump off the Donald Trump band wagon and making herself a kind of relevant and interesting to watch.”


Cillizza agreed with Henderson, saying Omarosa never left the reality TV world and then praised her for being able to garner headlines.

“Nia is exactly right. I take issue with your ‘dipping her toe back into the reality TV waters.’ I don’t think she ever got out of them,” Cillizza said.

“That’s who she is,” he concluded. “And her time in the White House was largely spent sort of playing a sort of, playing a character named Omarosa, which she continues to do. And you know, you can hate her but, man, can she get headlines.”

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