Eric Holder: ‘Any one of my kids would make a better president than Donald Trump’

Former members of the Obama administration are revealing just how partisan they are in their zest to attack President Donald Trump.

It’s bad enough that fired FBI director James Comey takes to social media to display his zealotry amid the revelation that key officials in the bureau under his direction had a distinct anti-Trump bias, now we have former Attorney General Eric Holder joining in.

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Appearing in the friendly confines of MSNBC Wednesday night, Holder told host Rachel Maddow any of his three children would be a better choice for president than Trump.

“I think any one of my kids would make a better president than Donald Trump,” he said, when asked if he would make a better president.

Maddow was proud of herself for setting up the idea that Holder, the first head of the Department of Justice in U.S. history to be held in contempt by the House of Representatives, might run for president.

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“But, you know, I think there are a number of people who would be a better president than the person we now have in the White House,” said the man who ran interference for former President Barack Obama.

Holder continued in his denigration of Trump, describing him as someone “who has broken through those norms, conducted himself in a way that’s inconsistent about what’s best about this nation, labeled people in very inappropriate ways, used inappropriate terms when talking about countries, turning his back on our immigrant heritage.”

“Yeah, there are any number of people I think would be better president than Donald Trump,” he concluded.

Liberals such as Maddow, who are in search of the next progressive prince to replace Barack Obama, would get a thrill up their leg if Holder did decide to run.

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