‘The irony is crippling’: New texts strongly suggest Strzok violated protecting classified information

“To not only bring it in, but actually use it, I can’t fathom that.”

WSJ’s Strassel lays out why Grassley memo isn’t front page news with eye-popping Twitter thread

Yet, the MSM won’t touch it. Hmm…

If you thought Strzok didn’t like Trump, wait ’til you see what he had to say about Chelsea Clinton


Navy SEAL who says he killed bin Laden explains why ‘a military parade is third world bulls—’

He definitely doesn’t like the idea.

American voters split on who meddled more in US election: Russians or the FBI?

Not good news for most in the MSM.

Senate agrees to 2-year budget deal: Raises spending cap, suspends debt ceiling, funds military spending

“I am pleased to announce that our bipartisan, bicameral negotiations on defense spending and other priorities have yielded a significant agreement.”

Former White House aide Omarosa turns on Trump in new reality TV gig

“Should we be worried?”

Devin Nunes may summon Chief Justice Roberts to testify on FISA abuses

It’s a long shot, but…

Now we know where John McCain got his copy of the anti-Trump dossier — directly from Fusion GPS

The article erases any doubt that McCain may not have known the origins of the dossier.

James Comey ramps up memoir release date amid ‘intense scrutiny’ at FBI

And, the pressure is on.

kathy griffin the project trump
Kathy Griffin goes even lower: She accuses John Kelly of beating his wife in unhinged tweet

‘So…getting one very humiliating public trouncing wasn’t enough?’

Christian teacher fired and reported to counter-terror authorities for telling lesbian student “God loves you”: Report

“A radical rethink is required.”

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