Sec. of State Rex Tillerson sends out warning Russians are already meddling in 2018 midterm elections

Amid the smoke and mirrors behind the Democratic claim of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, the prospects of the Kremlin trying to meddle in U.S. elections are very real.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday warned that Russia is already trying to interfere “in the U.S. in 2018” ahead of the midterm elections, according to Fox News.

Worse yet, Tillerson said Russia has many tools at their disposal and that we’re ill-prepared to prevent their interference.

“I don’t know that I would say we are better prepared, because the Russians will adapt as well,” he told Fox News in an exclusive interview in Bogota, Colombia. “The point is, if it’s their intention to interfere, they are going to find ways to do that. We can take steps we can take, but this is something that, once they decide they are going to do it, it’s very difficult to preempt it.”

Tillerson made it clear that the U.S. government is on to the Kremlin’s antics.

“I think it’s important we continue to say to Russia, ‘Look, you think we don’t see what you’re doing. We do see it and you need to stop. If you don’t, you’re going to just continue to invite consequences for yourself,’” he said.

(Alexei Nikolsky, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

America’s top diplomat also took Russia to task for its activities in Syria.

“They are supporting the Assad regime, they are providing the air cover for the regime,” Tillerson said. “Russia is responsible. They agreed that they would take care of the chemical weapons in Syria, clearly they failed to do that. Russia really needs to move to a different place on this, and they can deny it all they want to, but facts are facts and they need to go to another spot.”

He was also open-ended about whether the U.S. will engage in talks with the North Korean regime with Vice President Mike Pence attending the opening of the Olympics this week in South Korea, Fox News reported.

“The vice president’s there and we’ll just have to see what happens,” Tillerson said when asked if the U.S. will initiate talks.

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