Russian comedians prank called Rep. Adam Schiff, promised him naked photos of Trump

Russian pranksters shared audio of a discussion with U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff about non-existent naked photos of President Trump and a Russian model.

The story was first reported by The Daily Mail, which noted that the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee sent his staff to try to collect “classified materials for the FBI.”

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Two Russian comedians, who go by the names Vovan and Lexus, are said to be responsible for the call. The pair have pulled off high level pranks on UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Sir  Elton John.

They told Schiff that the compromising photos came from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s goddaughter.

SG Russian Pranksters

Schiff, whose office insisted the California congressman wasn’t fooled, is heard on the audio asking if the material could be corroborated.

“Obviously we would welcome the chance to get copies of those recordings,” he told them. “So we will try to work with the FBI to try to figure out how we can take copies of those… I’ll be in touch with the FBI about this, and we’ll make arrangements with your staff. I think it would be best to provide these materials to both our committee and the FBI. We’ll make arrangements between my staff and yours on how to facilitate that.”

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson zinged Schiff on his show Tuesday night for engaging in conduct the lawmaker has previously labeled treason.

“Setting up meetings with foreign operatives seeking politically damaging information about a political component? We thought that was treason,” Carlson said. “Adam Schiff told us it was.”

The prank adds to the Democrat’s legacy that includes a cockamamie theory of Russians secretly promoting the Second Amendment to subliminally influence Americans to kill each other.


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