Nancy Pelosi just gave longest House speech in over 100 years and we still don’t know what she said

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi just gave a speech on the House floor that lasted seven hours, but what is scarcely being reported is what she actually talked about.

Wednesday afternoon, the House’s historian pointed out that Pelosi had spoken for more than seven hours, the longest continuous speech in more than a hundred years.

“It appears that [Minority] Leader Pelosi set the record for the longest-continuous speech in the House, going back at least to 1909 when Champ Clark of Missouri held the floor for 5 hours and 15 minutes to speak against the tariff overhaul that year,” the statement from the House Historian recorded.

“It’s important to note,” the statement continued, “that although Clark held the record for the longest speech at the time, but it is the longest example we’ve been able to find on short notice.”

“For additional context, please keep in mind that House leadership positions of Majority and Minority Leader date to around 1899, and that the practice of holding one-minute speeches in the House dates to 1937. Moreover, the rule limiting debate in the House dates to 1841.”

As we reported earlier, Pelosi began her “one-minute” talk about 10:04 a.m. and it continued past 5 p.m. That’s over seven hours, for those using Common Core math.

By the way she’s still talking in hour nine. Here’s a random picture of her shoes, but still little word about what she’s actually saying.

As one might imagine, Pelosi used her “magic” minute to rail about DACA, although reports are scarce about the substance of her rant, if any.

Here are snippets from around the web that document that Pelosi was talking about… something.

That just about sums it all up. Nancy Pelosi wanted to make a big show about DACA ahead of the midterm elections, but when asked about actual solutions… all she had was a dirty look.

Classic Pelosi.

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