Sarah Sanders shuts down Jim Acosta with fierce response after he blows up over ‘lazy’ DREAMers remark

Sarah Sanders was in no mood for trifling comments from CNN’s Jim Acosta on Tuesday. After the White House correspondent jabbed her for a comment reportedly made by Chief of Staff John Kelly, she had a fierce response.

“Can I get back to chief of staff saying that some of the DREAMers may just have been too lazy to get off their asses,” Acosta remarked. “Just on the face of it, isn’t that just a wildly offensive comment about these undocumented immigrants who are waiting for some kind of solution to come out of the city?”

“Look, the only person that’s actually offered a solution is this administration,” Sanders retorted.  “The president’s been a champion of giving 1.8 million DACA recipients and DACA eligible people a pathway to citizenship. And he’s laid out a plan and a solution that actually addresses both Republicans’ and Democrats’ concerns. I think it is hard it argue with that.”

“On the surface of that, it’s just an offensive comment on its surface,” Acosta followed up.

“I think that’s something you would have to decide for yourself,” Sanders concluded.

That just sums up the difference between beltway reporters and the American people: While journalists are looking for ‘gotcha’ remarks to impugn the presidency, others are just looking for solutions to the problem.

Resistance journalists are going to ask themselves at some point: Am I helping to solve the nation’s problems or am I part of the problem?

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Kyle Becker


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