Chuck Grassley just released ‘unredacted’ memo – just look at what it says about FBI & Steele

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley (R-IA) just released an “unredacted’ version of the FISA memo that has thrown Washington D.C. into turmoil. The memo, addressed to […]

House votes to release Democrats’ rebuttal memo … is it a trap?

Democrats are on the verge of getting their own memo out. Should President Trump keep his guard up? On Monday, the House Intelligence Committee unanimously voted to […]

Mark Levin goes off over FISA controversy, claims Obama likely knew ‘Hillary paid for a warrant’

“Who else are they trying to protect?”

Sarah Sanders goes medieval on Jeff Flake after reporter dares to say his name at press conference

White House correspondent Major Garrett of CBS News showed brazen courage when he brought up He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named at Tuesday’s press conference. No, we’re not talking about Voldemort, but […]

Katie Tur provoked wrath of Middle America with her snarky ‘crumbs’ tweets on Trump tax cuts

MSNBC host Katie Tur may have won the “not a good look” award, amidst fierce competition, by appearing to double down on Nancy Pelosi’s ill-conceived “crumbs” comment […]

Gisele’s photo of ‘devastated’ Tom Brady crying after Super Bowl loss is greatest thing you’ll see all day

Tom Brady struggled to wipe away tears after his Super Bowl defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Anyone would — given the weight […]

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio jokes about false tsunami warning — and it’s gone nuclear

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio may have wanted to inject a bit of levity into news reports of a false tsunami warning that was given […]

Sarah Sanders shuts down Jim Acosta with fierce response after he blows up over ‘lazy’ DREAMers remark

Sarah Sanders was in no mood for trifling comments from CNN’s Jim Acosta on Tuesday. After the White House correspondent jabbed her for a comment reportedly made […]

Reporter shouts ‘piegate’ question at Sarah Sanders — and April Ryan is NOT happy about it

If you’ve forgotten “piegate” — the infamous controversy over whether or not a Sarah Sanders-baked pie was authentic — one might be forgiven. It turns out, however, […]

Julian Assange just got bad news, won’t be roaming free anytime soon

Julian Assange won’t be seeing the outside world anytime soon. The Wikileaks Founder on Tuesday lost a bid to overturn the British arrest warrant for which he […]

SG Trump-Ohio2
Trump on memo: We caught Dems in the act…They’ve gone so far left, I can’t wait to run against them

Trump was in his element.

California judge rules Christian bakery shouldn’t be forced to make gay wedding cake

Score one for the Constitution.

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