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Seventeen promotes vagina fingers for teen girls and gets the backlash it deserves

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Seventeen leaves no doubt about the values it’s trying to teach America’s children.

On Monday, the magazine aimed at teenage girls shared an article promoting a gel manicure shaped like a vagina, prompting an outcry from parents.

The look, described as a “glittery purple gel manicure with one accent nail on each hand,” was designed by Portland-based self-avowed “nail connoisseur” Asa Bree.

The “vagina manicure” was made by request for local designer T Ngu, and took Bree two hours and a careful review of vulva pictures online.

The caption to the photo on Instagram included the phrase “Pussy Power.”

The Seventeen article then showcased several other examples of Bree’s work, including an anti-Trump set of nails that featured the inscriptions “Fake News,” along with “R.I.P. Trump” and “R.I.P. Alex Jones.”


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The caption for the photo read “#NOTSORRY and #F**KDONALDTRUMP.”

Last year, another teen magazine, Teen Vogue, stirred controversy with an article teaching children how to have anal sex and another advising young girls what gifts to buy their friends after an abortion.

Parents on Twitter blasted Seventeen for its “vagina manicure” post.


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